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Average Patient Rating

Average Rating: 5

Patient Reviews

“I loved Dr. Hagan. He didn't try to just get my business but really looked into my interests. Because I decided with a hamstring graft, Dr Hagan did did my surgery. I was really pleased. Dr. Hagan was real personable and I liked his conservative approach to surgery and rehab. My knee is doing just fine. I lift and exercise on a regular basis with little to no problems.”
– Chantille S.
Treating Doctor: Phillip Hagan, M.D.
“Dr. Hagan took the time to truly discuss my options and weigh the pro/cons of each procedure. Consummate professional with an outstanding bed side manner. Since my surgery, I have recommended Dr. Hagan to a number of friends who were experiencing knee problems.”
– Jay H.
Treating Doctor: Phillip Hagan, M.D.
“Dr. Walker was very professional and forthright. He listened to my concerns, respected my opinions as a medical colleague (nurse), and advised me of all options. He took time to answer my questions and I felt he genuinely cared about my outcome. I would recommended his services to my friends and family.”
– Marcie P.
Treating Doctor: Damion Walker, D.O.
“Experience was good. I do like the quality of care.”
– Constance K.
Treating Doctor: Ryan Stuckey, M.D.
“I need to have total knee replacement for both knees. Dr. Walker said he would not do both knees at the same time. He explained that when you have one knee done usually you relieve the other knee and can hold off for awhile before having the other done. At first I was disappointed. But after having the right knee done and started physical therapy I was glad to just have the one done. In physical therapy there were some there that had both done or one and the other a month later. Majority probably 20 to 30 years older than I. I know it's not an easy recovery. But after you heal it's all worth it. There's two doctors that I heard that will do both or one than the other a month later. Learned this in physical therapy visiting with other patients. To me watching these other patients and their ages being so much older made me feel that these other doctors were out more for the money. I appreciate Dr. Walker saying no. He's looking out for his patients well being.”
– Janice D.
Treating Doctor: Damion Walker, D.O.
“Very good explanation of what needs to be done before and after surgery was fantastic. He also sees my sister who has down syndrome and is VERY GOOD with her. She loves him”
– Wanda P.
Treating Doctor: Bradley Bruner, M.D.
“He was very informative and gave me a thorough description of what to expect if I decide on knee surgery.”
– Phyllis G.
Treating Doctor: James Joseph, Jr., M.D.
“I was very impressed with the doctor and the care I received. His staff is awesome.”
– Ellayne D.
Treating Doctor: Camden Whitaker, M.D.
“Dr. Bruner was terrific! He did both my son's ACL tear and my meniscus tear and in both cases we were better than new after the procedures. My procedure was preformed years ago and I play a lot of golf. I feel no pain or discomfort at all. With the golf swing where you do a significant amount of coiling and twisting of the lower body I feel my knee is better than new. I recommend Dr. Bruner and his staff HIGHLY!”
– Mike C.
Treating Doctor: Bradley Bruner, M.D.
“I had very serious back issues and their is no better spine surgeon around than Dr. Stuckey.”
– Marilyn B.
Treating Doctor: Ryan Stuckey, M.D.