Patient Reviews: Bradley Bruner, M.D.

Verified Patient Rating: 5
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The following are reviews from patients of Dr. Bruner
  • “Dr. Bruner was friendly. He explained everything about what was going on with my knee and the procedure I needed. He also explained the care we need to do in the future for my knee.”
    – Amy T.
  • “Dr. Bruner is such a great doctor and has a genuine soul.”
    – Undrea S.
  • “Dr. Bruner is an awesome individual who truly cares about his patients.”
    – Kimberly M.
  • “My daughter has to have knee surgery, and Dr. Bruner explained the procedure very well.”
    – Coanna B.
  • “So far, Dr. Bruner and the staff are wonderful.”
    – James F.
  • “Dr. Bruner was so gentle and funny, very professional. Caring and understanding of my feelings.”
    – Anita P.
  • “Dr. Bruner was very informative and personable. ”
    – Teresa P.
  • “I think Dr. Bruner actually cares about and listens to his patients. Plus, he knows what he's doing, and I trust him.”
    – Crystal S.
  • “Dr. Bruner was very thorough in going over the MRI and explaining what he thought the problem is. He listed my options and gave me a choice of how to proceed. I appreciate his demeanor and honesty. ”
    – Jill B.
  • “Dr. Bruner is the best at what he does. He has always treated me respectfully and seems to care about my welfare genuinely. I'm very appreciative of all he has done for me. ”
    – Roger S.
  • “Dr. Bruner is very personable and seems to really care about his patients always knows me by name even out of the office. one of the best doctors around.”
    – Dennis W.
  • “Dr. Brunner and Greg are awesome!! They are very kind and compassionate. I refer all my friends and family with knee issues to them. They are simply the best in Wichita!”
    – Rebecca H.
  • “Exceptional Doctor and Surgeon that came highly recommended and it was obvious why!!”
    – Dan D.
  • “I've got a really bad knee. Dr. Bruner and his staff have done all the could. I have better motion, I feel he did a good job.”
    – Maureen M.
  • “Dr. Bruner and staff have cared for my teenage son, Christian, and have always been quick to help with any needs that we have. We have always been seen asap and the staff goes out of their way to make us feel that they are there to help us. Most recently Christian suffered a foot injury playing basketball and was due to play in a weekend long tournament and I called on a Friday morning and they were able to see him for X-Rays that day. Dr. Bruner called us the report within an hour. I've worked in the medical field my entire professional life and have experienced less than par treatment. Your office seemed very family friendly, the staff seemed to enjoy one another and everyone was very kind, helpful and professional.”
    – Kristi W.
  • “Dr. Bruner is an amazing doctor and an amazing human. He helped me in the darkest point in my life when I had a serious strep infection in my knee joint. In our first meeting Dr. Bruner showed compassion for my situation. He showed understanding and he promised that he would help me get better. He was honest with me about the situation telling me my life would probably be just slightly different because of the destruction the infection caused in my joint. But he did everything (and is still doing everything) to help me continually improve my quality of life. I'm 44, mom to two teenagers, military spouse, kindergarten teacher, president of a non profit organization. I need to be able to be on the move all the time. Dr. Bruner, Greg and the rest of the staff do everything in their power to help me continue to live my life the way I want to live it. I will always be grateful to the them. They are amazing, nothing less...simply amazing and I appreciate them all. ”
    – Heather R.
  • “Dr. Bruner has great bedside manner! He really cares about his patients and takes the time to explain things as well as answer questions. He is an amazing surgeon and my injured knee has never felt better!”
    – Shawna S.
  • “I felt like he went out of the way to make me feel like I'm not alone and I have support. I had so much confidence walking in there that they would help me. The environment felt safe and almost fun even though they cut open my knee. After every appointment I left in a good mood even if the news was bad. I wouldn't want to change my choice at all! ”
    – Jordan B.
  • “When I fell and hurt my knees I didn't go anywhere else I wanted Dr. Bruner to fix it he is the best ! He fixed my torn meniscus, drained my knee, shaved a bone spur, fixed the fat pad, scraped out some arthritis under my kneecap and cortisone shot in the other knee. I feel so much better thank you Dr. Bruner !”
    – Karen M.
  • “I have had 7 knee surgeries and four different surgeons performed those surgeries. Dr. Bruner is the most personal and professional surgeon out of this group. I am extremely satisfied with the results of his work and his staff is great too. I would highly recommend Dr. Bruner to anyone with a knee injury!”
    – Triy M.
  • “Everyone was very professional and caring. I was very impressed with the service which I received. Thank you.”
    – Linda E.
  • “Very thorough and timely.”
    – Linda B.
  • “I would rate it a 5. Several of my relatives have had knee repairs by Brad and if they say Brads the Dr. to see, well that's good enough for me. One of these days I would like to get my right knee MRI'd and determine whats going on in there. Am waiting till eligible for medicare and that's a few years off. Hopefully I can check back with the Dr. then and proceed from there.”
    – Randy G.
  • “Very caring and knowledgeable. Took all the time I needed to have the situation explained and to answer my questions. Dr. Bruner is an excellent physician and person. I totally recommend him. ”
    – Diane P.
  • “The best there is. If you want good down to earth advise you have found the right place!!!!!!!”
    – Dave W.