Patient Reviews: Camden Whitaker, M.D.

The following are reviews from patients of Dr. Whitaker
  • “My visit with Dr. Whitaker was relatively quick and straightforward.”
    – Javonni G.
  • “I was very appreciative of the clarity with which Dr. Whitaker explained my situation and shared his thoughts about the next steps.”
    – Karen L.
  • “Dr. Whitaker is a very good listener and explains things well.”
    – Kathryn B.
  • “Dr. Whitaker has been kind and professional with my circumstances. He has taken time for me and how I feel. I am confident that he will see me through this time in my life and help me to continue to get better.”
    – Vicki K.
  • “Dr. Whitaker was professional and the outcome was positive.”
    – Jean S.
  • “Dr. Whitaker was thorough in explaining what needed to be done, and he was compassionate and sympathetic with my concerns and anxiety.”
    – James V.
  • “I'm going to keep this short Dr. Whitaker & Melissa Bailey were great. My pain before my surgery is all gone it's great. Thank you both very much.”
    – Rondy M.
  • “The chronic pain in my left hip and leg from stenosis was unbearable, it affected my mood at work and left me unable to enjoy life. I heard how great Dr. Whitaker was so I decided to put this in his hands. I knew the minute I put my feet on the floor after surgery that my pain was gone. His staff is friendly, they treat you like family and Dr. Whitaker's bedside manners, and his soft voice is very comforting and reassuring. My co-workers, family and above all myself thank you, D.r Whitaker and Melissa, for giving me my life back. The gift you have is unlike anything I have experienced in the medical field. Keep up the great work and give others their life again as you did for me.”
    – Carla P.
  • “Dr. Whitaker said he was 80% sure that he could end the pain I had experienced for the past three years and he did exactly that. Recovery was tough but the results are wonderful. I have no back pain. I highly recommend Dr. Whitaker and his staff. They are great. ”
    – Carl D.
  • “I can't say enough good things about Dr. Whitaker, Mellisa, P.A., and staff. I was having problems with my lower back causing my legs to tingle and go numb. During my initial consultation, I immediately felt very comfortable with Dr. Whitaker. Dr. explained in detail what he needed to do to correct my problems. From the day of my surgery to the present, I've not had one regret. Thank You, Dr. Whitaker, Melissa, and staff. ”
    – Monica G.
  • “From checking in to the x-ray techs to Dr. Whitaker taking his time to explain why I'm in constant pain. For also, giving me a couple of options to think about moving forward. He genuinely seemed to care. ”
    – Denise T.
  • “For several years I've been walking stooped over and in pain. Shots to the backed helped; however, pain returned months after. I was limping and needed a walking stick for assistance. I finally decided enough was enough and I needed to have surgery. As an RN working in a hospital, I asked co-workers who did they suggest. Dr. Whitaker was the answer I found. His staff made me feel most at eased, both Dr. Whitaker and APRN Melissa Bailey explained the procedure to me, and my family. My hospital post-op stay was difficult but expected. They checked in on me regularly and ensured all questions were answered and my needs were met. I am currently going to PT twice a week to build up the muscles I had not used for years but I am walking straight, upright, and without any canes/sticks/walkers to assist me and with no more pain. I will be playing golf next summer with my friends. I got my life back and am not going to waste it in pain or suffering. I highly recommend these folks and only wish I had done this surgery years ago. To my new best friends at Kansas Joint & Spine Specialist. Thank you. ”
    – Richard M.
  • “The complete staff was so supportive and made me feel like a valued person and patient. From the moment I walked in and spoke to the front desk staff, to each nurse, PA, and doctor, my questions and concerns were met with compassion and a desire to help me have a better quality of life.”
    – Beverly M.
  • “It was a pleasant visit. Dr. Whitaker is easy to talk to and very concerning.”
    – Janice N.
  • “I was in extreme pain before my surgery. Now I can continue doing the things that like to do. ”
    – Lawrence L.
  • “Anytime I've been to this office I'm appreciative and thankful that the staff is friendly and helpful. From the office manager to the nurse's and Dr. Camden Whitaker, I am pleased with my care provided by this team of people. Keep up the positive atmosphere!! ”
    – Tina S.
  • “Very cautious about performing any surgery until all other avenues have been utilized. I will be having surgery on my back to fix a very debilitating sciatic problem which I have been dealing with for almost two years now. I am very pleased that Dr. Whitaker can solve my pain problem.”
    – Carroll H.
  • “The surgery Dr. Whitaker performed truly saved my life. I recommend him to everyone I meet experiencing the same problems I had!!!”
    – Debra S.
  • “Great. ”
    – James J.
  • “ Dr. Whitaker is very professional, friendly, and thorough. He tries very hard to figure out my medical issues.”
    – Pamela T.
  • “I was very well pleased with Dr. Whitaker. He knows what needs to be done.”
    – Virgil T.
  • “Dr. Whitaker was very thorough with his diagnosis of my degenerated discs in my neck. Rather than want to do surgery right away he wanted to make sure nothing else was wrong from the symptoms I was describing. After a couple MRI’s it was also discovered that I had MS. He referred me to a neurologist. We also decided to do surgery on my neck. It went very well and I am on my road to recovery. He did an excellent job on my neck and I have had no problems. ”
    – Kevin S.
  • “Excellent. Sent me to the right place for relief in my lower back. Dr. Parks is also excellent. Thank you. ”
    – Virgie A.
  • “I had back surgery to get rid of sciatica. It has worked. My doctor was informative and reassuring. ”
    – Kristy S.
  • “Dr. Whitaker did a great job on my back surgery. Dr. Whitaker and his staff have a great bed side manner. I would highly recommend Dr. Whitaker to my family and friend.”
    – James F.