Patient Reviews: Damion Walker, D.O.

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The following are reviews from patients of Dr. Walker
  • “My visit with Dr. Walker was quick, courteous, and professional.”
    – Max M.
  • “I was very happy with Dr. Walker and the outcome of my decision to do a total knee replacement this fall.”
    – Christy R.
  • “Dr. Walker was excellent, as always.”
    – Max E.
  • “I saw Dr. Walker for Euflexxa shots in my knee. Dr. Walker is very friendly, knowledgeable, and experienced. He administered totally painless injections.”
    – Janice I.
  • “Dr. Walker and the staff provide excellent care and support.”
    – Cheryl N.
  • “Dr. Walker was very thorough in explaining the before and after of my upcoming shoulder surgery for a torn rotator cuff. Very professional.”
    – Terry C.
  • “Dr. Walker was very knowledgeable and personable. ”
    – Les L.
  • “Very good, and the procedure that I will have done was explained very thoroughly by Dr. Walker.”
    – Brenda D.
  • “As always great. When I have any questions they are always answered, and Dr. Walker always encourages you and tells you what to expect while recovering. ”
    – Galen H.
  • “Dr. Damion Walker is AMAZING! He is not only the Best Orthopedic & Robotic Assist Surgeon in the Midwest...the best Surgeons come to him to learn how to be proficient in robotic-assisted joint replacements. Dr. Walker gave me back my youth, energy, and what was taken from me the past "bad" surgeries I had had. Dr. Walker does not sugar coat, he will not tell you something that you don't need. Listen to his direction and you will be a success story too! He is highly respected in this community both in the medical field and by patients. I recommend him to everyone I see struggling, limping, or in need. Nine (9) of my acquaintances & friends over the last 2 years and they chose have been blessed by Dr. Walker and his team. One Friend Pam had a crushed shoulder with a new Rotary Cuff, many with Total Knees and a friend most recent with a Total Hip Replacement. She had had the other one done prior by a different surgeon out of state years ago...She said, she was not looking forward to this one, but it was a breeze. All the surgeries I know of had been a huge success! My story included, but I started with a torn Medial Meniscus in 3 places from a personal trainer I had hired. I found a knee surgeon, by word of mouth only. I did not research or interview any other surgeons, I had surgery, it failed, we went back in 7 weeks later and my surgeon was intoxicated assuming from the night before and I tried to stop the surgery but He and his team denied me that right. That surgery was worse than the first, more painful, he took all of the meniscus leaving me bone on bone. we did, but it was worse, and I could hardly walk. Arthritis which I had never had, now was taking over and the pain was horrible..throwing my hip and other knee off. I was getting 40-55 cc of fluid drained of my knee every other week. The Bill's were also stacking up and life as I knew it was over. I was at a point in my life that I did not think I would ever have "quality of life" back. I became a candidate for my own Stem Cell therapy and that helped for 1 year. Then my Insurance Company dropped out of KS. It just seemed to be getting worse. I talked to one of my nurse clients and she don't have to live like this. Call Dr. Walker, then someone else said his name. Well, I went through that before. I was not about to just go by hearsay. I knew I was not going back to my old surgeon, I had some issues that I won't mention him...saying, but it led me to seek a better more qualified Surgeon. So, the reason I shared my journey with I did the " Leg Work" pursay - Don't bother looking for anyone else. Dr. Walker cares about making sure he gives you a new joint that feels and acts as if you were born with it. He may not have the sweetalking outgoing bedside manner ladies like to have (no offense Dr. W), and he may not come to visit you each visit to make you feel warm and fuzzy. Know this, He does care about you and he wants you to have the best care, that's why he has the best Team alongside him. He is only one man, trying to fix many people. So, don't discount his seriousness for lack of concern. I guarantee you, you will be thanking him every day for the rest of your life!!!! So, I did my research & I watched Dr. Walkers videos on YouTube and any Dr. willing to put videos online is obviously amazing, Don't make the same mistake I made, chose the right Dr. the first time money and quality of life!!! If I or my family should ever need any joint repair or replaced in the future Dr. Walker will be doing the surgery!”
    – Rene W.
  • “Dr. Walker is very professional and personable! I feel very comfortable talking to him about my problem and he always answers all of my questions. I was nervous changing Doctors, but due to insurance I had to change. Dr. Walker has put me at ease and I am happy he is my new Doctor!!”
    – Marchella G.
  • “Dr. Walker is a great Doctor and so is the staff. He always takes his time and listens.”
    – Kimberlee I.
  • “I had a very good experience with Dr. Walker and his staff. Everyone at Kansas Joint and Spine are very nice. I had one knee replacement in March and one in November. I am number 505 using robotics and it is great!! Thanks Dr. Walker!!!”
    – Morse N.
  • “ I want to thank everyone whom I came in contact with from my Dr. all the way to the cleaning staff. I was made to feel at home and welcomed. I think it helps a person convalesce because you fee that someone cared. Thank you. ”
    – Linda K.
  • “Dr. Walker listens to me and recommended what to be done, and the results are great. He is excellent.”
    – Larry O.
  • “I have a long-standing relationship with Dr. Walker and will have no one else provide orthopedic care. Exceptional surgeon and wonderful man. I'm sure he cares about me and it shows in everything he does. ”
    – Earl W.
  • “ The experience was very professional. Dr Walker seems to know what I need. ”
    – David R.
  • “Dr. Walker and his staff provided excellent care. Very courteous and caring people. I appreciate their honesty about my condition and for helping me feel better.”
    – Teresa P.
  • “I am so thankful for checking into the Robotic Arm Assisted knee replacement surgery. It is the only way to go for full knee replacement. Dr. Damion Walker was my surgeon and I felt very comfortable in his hands. I can honestly say the first time I stood on my new knee I felt NO pain where as before surgery there was unbearable pain when walking or standing. Recuperation and physical therapy have gone well and quickly. I am a firm believer in the Robotic Arm Assisted surgery and would recommend it for anyone needing knee replacement.”
    – Judy M.
  • “Dr. Walker was great! Very caring!”
    – Brenda J.
  • “Great service. Very open and easy to talk with. Had great results and recovery went as expected. 2 1/2 years post surgery and no problems.”
    – Ken W.
  • “I want everyone who needs any information on Doctor Walkers ability to rest assured. I had a complete hip replacement and the whole experience was perfect. If I could have waved a magic wand saying make this perfect it was just that. The nurses in the hospital told me "Dr. Walker is our go to guy when we have any problems so don't you worry!". I was up on my new hip that same day. His staff are wonderful to deal with and very professional. I am so thankful to Dr. Walker for giving me my mobility and life back. It was a God thing finding Dr. Walker and I will forever be grateful.”
    – Davey B.
  • “Dr. Walker is a very good Dr and very caring doctor. I can walk without the pain.”
    – Marcia M.
  • “New facility, amazing doctor and I would not go any where else. Thanks for the amazing care.”
    – Rosetta R.
  • “Dr. Walker was very competent and very reassuring. He turned what I thought was a horrible time in my life into a successful journey toward recovery. I am very grateful for all the wonderful care I received at Kansas Joint and Spine.”
    – Glenda S.