Dr. Bradley Bruner Offers Cycling Safety Guidance

As COVID-19 continues, many local residents are finding fun, safe exercise with cycling and mountain biking. Sports medicine specialist Bradley Bruner, M.D. of Kansas Joint & Spine Specialists is offering insights for our community to help them stay safe and avoid injury on their bike outings. Patients in need of specialized bone, joint and muscle care are encouraged to call (316) 219-8299 to schedule a safe appointment in Wichita at 10100 E. Shannon Woods Circle, Suite 100 with Dr. Bruner. Orthopaedic telemedicine appointments are also available.

“All of us at Kansas Joint & Spine Specialists are dedicated to our community's health and safety, so we are glad to see a trend of so many getting outside and staying active,” says Dr. Bruner. "However, given the larger number of cyclists and mountain bikers, we want to be sure to share some safety tips and reminders to help everyone stay cautious and avoid injury while having fun."

Keep this guidance from Kansas Joint & Spine Specialists in mind to stay safe and avoid injury when getting ready for a bike ride: 

  • Make sure you always wear a helmet. This can help reduce your risk for a number of serious head injuries. Wear additional padding and other necessary gear when mountain biking.
  • Wear more form-fitting clothing and do not wear looser clothing. Baggy pants and loose sleeves can get caught on many things during a ride, including your bike.
  • Turn your lights on your bike if riding at night.
  • Use a bike that is the right size for you and maintain the gears, brakes and tires regularly.
  • Do not wear headphones, talk on the phone or have any other distractions when riding.
  • Stick to bike lanes when you can if riding on streets or roads, ride in the direction of traffic and follow all city rules for cyclists.
  • Don't ride on trails that exceed your skill level. Until you're familiar with a trail, walk the areas with drops and obstacles.
  • Stay hydrated when riding. You should drink a bottle of water for every hour.
  • Do not ride in bad weather conditions.
  • Wear sun protection in hot and/or sunny conditions.
  • Don't push yourself too hard. Exhaustion is dangerous and can cause you to lose control on your bike.

"The risk of injury for bikers is higher for those new to the hobby as well as those who are experienced but are getting more mileage than usual," says Dr. Bruner. "Fractures, muscular pain and joint instability are all common after a fall, and you should see an orthopaedic specialist if you experience any of these— if you hit your head or have bleeding that won’t stop after a few minutes, go to an emergency room or urgent care immediately.”

Dr. Bradley Bruner is a board-certified and fellowship-trained orthopaedic surgeon who has provided specialized care for Kansas Joint & Spine Specialists since 1991. He received his medical degree from The University of Kansas School of Medicine, and he completed his residency at the University of Wisconsin Hospitals and Clinics and his sports medicine fellowship at the Mid-America Center for Sports Medicine. Dr. Bruner treats knee injuries and conditions for both adolescents and adults, and he provides treatment for sports injuries in patients of all ages.

To learn more about orthopaedic safety or to schedule a safe appointment with Dr. Bruner, call (316) 219-8299.