Mazor X Robotic Spine Surgery

At Kansas Joint & Spine Specialists, our fellowship-trained spine surgeon, Dr. Camden Whitaker, is dedicated to providing patients with access to the latest and most advanced surgeries, treatments, and techniques. That’s why he is proud to be the first in the area to offer minimally invasive robotic-assisted back procedures using the Mazor X Stealth™ Edition robotic guidance platform so that patients with chronic conditions and acute injuries of the lumbar spine can get the exceptional spine care they need to make today theirs.

What Is the Mazor X Stealth Edition Platform?

The Mazor X Stealth system uses a computer, surgical navigation, and specialized software and instruments to assist surgeons with predictability, visibility, and precision during minimally invasive and open orthopaedic spine surgeries. This state-of-the-art technology allows surgeons to complete preoperative and intraoperative planning using a CT-based 3D simulation of the patient’s spine. It also provides surgeons with real-time visualization of the patient’s anatomy during surgery.

How Can This Advanced Technology Benefit Patients?

The Mazor X Stealth Edition platform can provide qualified spine patients who meet specific criteria with a multitude of benefits. Some of these advantages include:

  • A customized approach to meet the patient’s specific needs
  • Extreme accuracy for optimized patient outcomes
  • Faster recovery than traditional procedures
  • Less potential for postoperative complications
  • Smaller incisions

To learn more about the Mazor X Stealth system or to schedule an appointment with Dr. Whitaker to see if this procedure is right for you, please call (316) 219-8299 or request an appointment online.